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OH#7 - SEO Basics for Artists vs. Photographers vs. Mixed Media

Learn the basics of SEO, how to use Google's Keyword Tool for keyword research, and see live SEO audits for 3 different types of sites.

Video Highlights

00:59 - Announcements
11:18 - Intro to SEO Basics
16:22 - Common SEO myths about Keywords
19:44 - Steps to Performing Keyword Research
22:51 - How to use Google's Keyword Planner Tool
29:26 - SEO Fields Explained
32:08 - How Your SEO Shows up on Google
37:18 - SEO Red Flags
41:17 - Sample SEO Audits
63:30 - Q&A Begins
65:29 - "What makes the most effective SEO titles?" - Lee Loventhal
65:38 - "What are the worst mistakes people make in SEO?" - Johnny Todd
66:02 - "How many keywords are too many?" - Deb Johnson
66:26 - "Is there any advantage to using ASF's Lead Capture Tool vs the form in MailChimp?" - Steve Giardini
67:06 - "I've only had one sign-up using the Lead Capture Tool. What's the problem?" - Rebecca McMann
68:09 - "When 'romancing' my potential customers, what kind of information would they find interesting to know about me?" - Martha J. Dodd
69:08 - "What do I do for customer reviews?" - Christina Culverhouse
69:48 - "How do other artists balance admin time and creating time?" - Christina Culverhouse


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